About Me

I tell stories with maps

I'm a GIS Analyst/Developer working for a local government in New Zealand since 2007. I'm passionate about maps, data visualization and making beautiful websites.

Maps give us directions, tell stories. I believe a simple map tells better stories than a thousand words.

My Skills

Geocode or reverse geocode addresses, coordinates

Data analysis and visualisation: discover clusters, hot spots, densities

Data management: work with shapefile, esri gdb, csv, kml, gpx, json, geojson, etc

Automate workflows using FME or Python

Create custom web maps uing ArcGIS or open source API

Build web or mobile apps for field data collection

Design and build Enterprise GIS database and server systems

Produce beautiful cartographic maps

Design and build interactive web maps using MapBox, Leaflet or ArcGIS API.

Highly skilled in HTML, CSS and Javascript

Responsive web development using Bootstrap or React

Server side development using Node.js


Here are some websites and applications I built in the past couple of years.


Story map shows the natural hazards in Bay of Plenty, NZ


ArcGIS to FME Translator

A quick reference for ArcGIS toolboxes and FME transformers


BOP Maps

Map library for the Bay of Plenty Regional Council


Who Do I Call?

Look up your local government in New Zealand


PredatorFree BOP

Map and data collection forms for PredatorFree BOP


Civil Defence Boundaries

Customised map viewer for Civil Defence BOP


World Map Quiz

A quiz game built on ESRI JS API


NZSE Website

A website for NZ-Switzerland student exchange programme


My Footprint

Places I have been in the past 10 years.

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